Dec 12, 2008

holi holidae...hohoho

Finally, it's holidae time!!!! Yeah, afta bout 5 months of studying, lepaking, and also playing living in KMS, i think diz is the time for me to close all my books, notes and starts hanging out wit my frenz, going some tours and the most important, time for me to sleep a lot, eat a lot and grow bigger (hahahaha)....

But, unfortunately....

there are some homeweks that are assignb by some of my luvly teacher ( it's true lah, i luv them veri much!!)...pak lan had askd us to do some weirdo things (according 2 some of my frens la), but for it's good actually and gonna be intesting to do. He assigned us to do things that we havnt done it yet wit our parents; and also kiss our parents forehead (dahi in Malay) and here i find that it may hard to do especially wit my dad...hmmm, i'll find time to do it soon. Then, Pn. Hasmah (my faveret) had ask us to do some works...

"Perhatian untuk M43, BT41 dan T41 - panjangkan pemberitaan ini sesama ahli kelas anda:

Teks kajian Sem 2 : a) Okonkwo (Things Fall Apart) Chinua Achebe.
b) Isteri Hanaoka Seishu (The Doctor's Wife) - Sawako Ariyoshi
c) Madam Bovary (sama) - Gustave Flaubert

Apa yang perlu anda buat (masa cuti):

1. Baca teks 1 dan 2
2. buat sinopsis bab demi bab
3. senaraikan isu dan persoalan bagi setiap bab
4. tuliskan watak dan perwatakan dengan mencatatkan perkembangan
dalam setiap bab.
5. aspek2 lain yang menjadi bahan kajian kesusasteraan.
6. no 3-5 secara mind mapping!"

*taken from hasmahmm.blogspot.com.

Fuh, i've read both Okonkwo and Isteri Hanaoka Seishu, but i think Okonkwo is more interesting...but i dunno when i want to start to do the homeweks that she assgned. Then, my beloved mentor, Pn. Zolbidah also had given us some works to do during diz holidae...i will owez remember her famous word, " you must read!!", although i'm a super-duper-lazy-reader...

Even though there r lots of works to do, i'll do whatever i want during diz holidae...my family has already pland to have a vacation in a place that i also dunno where it is...the most important thing, i want to....

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