May 2, 2009

Mega Project kt KAMPUNG BAYAI??

Finally, the things seem to be on the track now...after lots of discussions, meetings by IBSB and also our Pn. Azizah, Bro Ikhwan and Pak Lan.

Tomorrow (actually this morning since i'm typing this entry at 1.45 am May 2nd), we'll be going to Kg. Bayai. I've been told by Iski that there will be some Kenduri there as this will be our first official visit...Wanna know, my name is the first on the list...so I cant' run out from the program la.

Hahahaha...actually before ended up with the decision of going to Kg. Bayai, there were some "conflicts" between us and the teachers. It occured after the "hot discussion" held on Monday night. The teachers wanted us to go to Orang Asli settlement but instead, the majority of us voted to have it in Kg. Bayai. Then, just before the meeting of Medic students and the reps from Newcastle University, our lovely HEA talked about it again. She said that we are being racism and also said that they as the teachers failed to put some of good moral values in us. I couldnt' understand why she said it like we are really bad. For me, it's not a failure yet since we were just in the beginning of our mission and her speech seem like to be bias; just looking at one side. I really got upset with it and feeling like I want to interrupt her talk. But luckily, Farah stood up and started to talk even though HEA didn't allow it at first. Then, she's been followed by Iski. Yeah...

Hurm....looks like I'm so tired now. I will continue it later la. Insya Allah

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