Oct 10, 2008


This Sunday I will fly back to Peninsula...huhu,so sad woo. It seems like i don't wanna come back to KMS. But what to do, I have to...

Back to the posts' title, HOMEWORKS...

Pergghh, I think that all the teachers of IB have cooperated among themselves to make our life miserable. They gave us lots of homework. We even have to do 'homework' for TOK subject; watching MALAY dramas during HAri RayA and look whether there will be Rosyam NOR and Fauziah Nawi act in dat drama. It seems funny right? Looks like we are doing Performing Arts course here, not pre-medic course. (I'm sorry Pak Lan, mampusla aku klu dia tau).

Until today, I haven't finish any of my homeworks except Chem as I did it before the holidae in the class and it makes me worry... I wonder if I cant' finish it before the Holidae ends. But, when I look into the math homeworks, I dont' know what to do. Waaaaaa, poning kepalo den. Then, I forgot to bring my bio notes,huhu how can i do the homework.

Waaaaaaaa, so stress lorhh..

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