Jan 3, 2009

Israel Against The Musleem???

Recently, we've heard a really bad news...especially as a Musleem.... about the Israeli's attack on Palestinian Musleem in Gaza Strip...everyday we can see in tv, they broadcast the attacks that until now, has killed at least 450 people and most of them were innocent kids and women. It is such ashame to see that other Musleem countries especially the Arabs governments didnt do anything to help the Palestinians or at least stop the attacks...well, there are just rubbish,admitting themselves as truly Musleem but what they can do for the Palestinians??? For their brothers??? Prophet Muhammad PBUH himself had said,"A musleem is a brother for another Musleem". Now, where the brotherhood of Musleem has gone??? To make it worse, the Egypt government has closed it boundaries that consequently will cause the international aid cant' be sent to the Palestinian in Gaza strip.The only thing that we could see these days are the protests made by people all over the world. But for me it's useless as long as all the Musleem didnt unite and take some actions against the Israel.

Even though the Bush's administration in White House will be ended in the end of this month and taken over by new President Barrack Obama, the situation will be the same. Believe me. Only Musleem that can help other Musleem, not a Christian like him!!! He already made a statement that he will support the illegal Israel country in his speeches to attract the American Jews to support him and now because of them, he gets the Presidential seat (it's Allah's power actually but there are some literally said that a person who wants to be the US president must get the Jews' support in order to get the position). So, it is our big task as Musleems to help and save the Palestinian in any ways even though we have to risk our lives.

But, for the Malaysian (since I'm a Malaysian that quite far from Palestin) we can support the Palestinian Jeehad by praying for them. Last week, most of the masjeed in the whole Malaysia have done Solat Hajat after Jumaat prayer to pray for Allah's help on Palestine. I watched the live telecast of Jumaat prayer from Masjid Negara and the Khateeb cried during khutbah recitation...subhanallah, how much he became angry with Israels and at the same time sad as the Palestinian Musleem have been killed and attacked by the inhumane Israeli's force. Then, as a Musleem we also can boycott the American and Israel's products to show our sympathy and support on the Palestinian. And the last one, we also can join the Jeehad together with the Palestinian people and Hamas...insya Allah, the Almighty Allah will help us to get the victory and defeat the Israel.



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