Feb 14, 2009

what a nightmare???!!!!

fuhh....i had a worse nightmare last nite..

wanna knoe what??

it was...

i became a drug dealer...1 of the most wanted "pusher" in Malaysia..pergh,what a "great" thing to say right??

i used to be a millionaire (is it right spelling?) by just selling drugs...metamphitamine,cannabis,cocaine,ecstacy,opium,etc...in easier word,a profesional drug dealer lah..

but, there was a Malay said, "malang tak berbau"...i got busted by cops...pergh, it was when i was going to have my immigration check in KLIA as i wanna fly to South America to get new "stock"...

to make story short...i did trial in court and found guilty...n the "hukuman" is???death sentence!!!!!

on that gloomy,silent day...i was brought by a prison officer to the hanging room...i cried but the man just push me to the floor...then he asked me to get the rope and put it around my neck....at that time, i remembered by parents...perghh.

when the algojo pull the switch,i.....

suddenly i woke up from my sleep and i could hear azan subuh from the surau....i was full of sweat that time...n i quickly went to bathroom, took wudhu' and went to surau..

Alhamdulillah,luckily it was just a dream....a nightmare...very worse nightmare.


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