Mar 14, 2009

i'm tired

huhu....after about 3 months doing my 2nd sem in International Baccalaureate World School Mara College Seremban, now it's time for me to go back my hometown in Sabah..

I miss my family...

2 of my brothers; Zul and Aqwa celebrate their b'day this month of March; Zul's 03/03 and Aqwa's 31/03. So my mom decides to celebrate theirs when i got back in home.

perg, i don't think that i will have much time to rest during this hols coz' there are lots of assignments that i have to do...pergh, then I need to do some research on mudskipper ( in Malay we call it ikan belacak @ tembakul) for the sake of my Extended Essay.

my target for the hols:

1) Finish up:
  • Chemistry Additional Exercise (Energetics), Exercise 6.2, 6.3 and 6.4
  • Math HL doing mind mapping for math induction and differentiation
  • Biology doing notes on genetics, ecology and handouts on photosynthesis.
  • Malay read Okonkwo, Isteri Hanaoka Seishu and Madam Bovary then make some notes.
  • Physics SL do the exercise
  • Islamic studies handout on Islamic Munakahat and Mudharabah.


  1. Okonkwo? Huhuhu, best buku tu. Seriusli.

  2. You forgot the physics homework yg cikgu bagi. Or you finished that already? @_@


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