Jan 23, 2010

Mama (dedicated to my mom, Rusnah Hj. Liusin)

Today, I found an interesting book to read in Syakir's room. Dont' know whether it his book someone's else...

It's "Life is An Open Secret" written by Zabrina A. Bakar or also known as Sis Zabrina.

Upon looking at the book, I started to flip thru the book...hmmm, looks interesting.

Then, I started to read it...

There are 18 short stories in that book, and up to this moment I managed to read up to the 6th story.

The first story is about her sister being a mother...it's quite touching and makes me to think about my mama.

I started to imagine how difficult my mama had to carry me in her tummy for such a long time, then bring me to this world, risen me up until with love...

I started to remember there was a time when I got a high fever. She took care for me, ensured me to eat the medicine (I used to hate medicine), put a wet towel on my forehead, massage my hand. She did it days and nights, just to make sure that I would recover from my sickness. That time I couldnt see her love and care towards me, as I never think about it.

I also remember the time when she told some old folks stories to me and also my brothers. The stories such as Beliau Raya, Raja Koyok, Jambatan Besi; we would sit or "baring" together as we enjoyed listening to the stories.

Then, I also remember the time when the school break almost came to end. My mama would bring us to buy new sets of school uniforms, shoes and also bags. Then, we would buy books, stationaries and things related to schooling. She tried her best to make us satisfied though we are naughty and "cerewet".

Next, I also remember the time when she looked very tired and not very well and she will ask my help to massage her head and I did it. But still, I can see the calmness in her face.

Then, I also remember the time when I got my SPM result. Upon looking at the result slip, she hugged me, which made me want to cry on her shoulder. Then, she kissed on my cheek, not saying any words. I really miss that "hug". I could see the happiness on her face at that time and really miss that too.

I know that I'm not really a good son. But, I promised to myself that I will try my best to be a good son of her, make her happy and proud of me.



Ibu, ibu,
Engkaulah ratu hatiku,
Bila ku berduka,
Engkau hiburkan selalu.

Ibu, ibu,
Engkaulah ratu hatiku,
Tempat menyatakan kasih,
Wahai ibu.

Betapa tidak hanyalah engkau,
Yang menyinari hidupku,
Sepanjang masa engkau berkorban,
Tiada putusnya bagai air lalu.

Ibu, ibu,
Engkaulah ratu hatiku,
Tempatku menyerahkan kasih,
Wahai ibu.

*Sesungguhnya syurga itu terletak di bawah telapak kaki ibu.


  1. Ya miyn, aku slalu lawan ckp mama aku dlu.
    Bila aku ingat2 takut wooo,xnak aku masuk neraka.


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