Apr 27, 2011

...of Forceps, Scalpels and Cadavers (Day 1 - 26.04.2011)

Assalamualaikum WBT

Salam 1 Dunia.

*For some reasons I will write entries of this series (...of Forceps, Scalpels and Cadavers) in English*

As what I wrote in my previous post, today would be the 1st day of Summer Dissection Course in our faculty. Sounds interesting but in reality in wasn't, at least for me.

We started at 2.30 pm where Dr. Snajdr gave us some brief talks about what are we gonna do for today. Just like in Winter Dissection Course, he kept repeating the same things like safety of our belongings which are supposed to be kept in the locker room, bla bla bla....

Going to dissection room.....

We were supposed to do some skin removal in head and neck region and opening of the thoracic cage but using an instrument which I didn't know what it is and it's cool man! Just like in the movies.

There are two cadavers provided for each study groups and for my group. Because there were too many people working on the same body, I chose not to do the skin removal. Instead, I tried to revise my knowledge on what I've learnt before and I found out I've already forgotten a lot of things like the innervation of the upper and lower limbs.

Oh ya, I forgot to mention that we also have to open the abdominal cavity where we could find stomach, parts of liver and those intestines. I like these organs very much but they are wet and sticky which is yuckss! Not to forget the "yummy" smell, nice! And we were also asked to find the position of appendix (by using Mc Burney's and Lanz points), gall bladder (using Murphy's point) and pancreas (by using Desjardin's point).

Overall, for me the 1st day was not really interesting and quite boring. Hopefully the next day would be more exciting.
Schema showing the neck region; notice the prominent carotid arteries and omohyoid muscle (Source: Citizendia)
Picture showing the kidneys, inferior vena cava and abdominal aorta. Notice there's presence of accesory renal artery denoted by ARA. (Source: ISPUB)



  1. tidaks.. I feel like puking just looking at the cadaver pic.. XO


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