Aug 26, 2011

Just a little update

Assalamualaikum WBT

Salam 26 Ramadhan 1432 H

I've been asked by some people why am I suddenly become more active in blogging in this "very critical" moment when I should have spent more time reading notes and books for my exams. Even my mom also kind of worried with me for my "activeness" with online world. Haha.

Yeah, I admit that I'm kind of obsessed with online world. And for the sake of my future, I'm trying to reduce it; especially with Facebook. Damn, sometimes I would really like to meet Mark Zuckerberg and giving him a punch right on his nose, blaming him for creating Facebook. Haha, just joking. But it's really hard to self-resist myself from being carried away by those "melaghakan" thing in Facebook, am I right here? And alhamdulillah, I managed to slowly change myself and still struggling.

The Culprit, hahahaha. Picture taken from Star Media
As a kind of diversion, so I go for Twitter. Interesting and not really addictive as much as Facebook (I think). And I'm still very cautious with myself not to be spending too much time tweeting sorts of things (I'm trying to just tweeting from my iTouch).

So, here I come with my blog. Luckily I'm not a person who really like to blogwalking as I kind of into writing things. Yes, I do read some blogs especially those of my followers but I think I've successfully restricted myself to read just a few of their blogs; randomly.

I've written before in my previous entry (I forgot which one) why do I blogging. Yes, that's truly me. And one more thing, the reason why I write even more when I feel stress is that it's a way of my emotional therapy (other than involving myself more with Islam). Yeah, maybe sounds weird to some people but it's true. I used to have a emotional-mentally related problem which I successfully hid from most of my friends and family; because I'm sort of person that being "pemendam" (I don't know the proper term for this neither in English nor Malay). And it really bothered me up to the point that I become a "not-me" person. But alhamdulillah praise to Allah The Almighty, now I think I can overcome it.

Lol, don't know what to say looking at this cartoon. Taken from Target 2025 Blog
And usually I spend a maximum of 1/2 hour on writing new entry, but most of time it only takes about 15 minutes for me to write an entry as I always prepare what to write in my new entry when I'm walking alone or taking bath or maybe while I'm cooking. And if I've exceeded the time limit of 30 minutes and haven't settled writing an entry, I will save it as a draft (but most of the time I would always forget to publish it and remain as draft). So, I really think it's better for me to spend just 15 minutes on blogging compared to wasting a day with Facebook-ing................................... :)

So true :) Taken from Self Empowerment Secrets Blog
*Fyi, it took me about 8 minutes to write this entry*

**I would like to share this song sang by Najwa Latif, nice and she's cute as well**

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