Aug 21, 2011

Let Us Pray For Them

Assalamualaikum WBT

Salam 21 Ramadhan 1432 H

For this entry, I just would like to share some pictures of our brothers and sisters in faith. While we are eating in luxury in iftar, they are struggling just to live another day.

Somalian Famine 

Taken from Global Post Online News
Taken from Somalian Info
Taken from ytilaerniereh blog

And I shed my tears while watching this video

Israelis Oppresion against Palestinians

Taken from William Bowles's website
Taken from Sydwalker's blog
Taken from IndyMedia

 Kind of "_____" watching Abu Raed was saying that Hamas organised this charity just to gain popularity and support among the Palestinian people.

So, people...they really need our helps...at least our prayers and du'a for them.

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