Sep 15, 2012

Another Islamophobic Incident

Assalamualaikum WBT --- Salam 1 Dunia

Alhamdulillah, finally I've settled down here in UIAM Kuantan Campus. But for now, I won't be writing about it. Maybe insyaAllah next time I'll be writing it.

As most of us know, this week there's a video that has been circulating in the Youtube that gains a lot of attentions worldwide especially from the global Muslim community. "Innocence of Muslims" which is produced by Sam Bacile, is now really a trending topic in the Facebook, Twitter and other global Social Networking sites.

I've watched the video (the trailer though) in Youtube. My first thought about the video is that, "what kind of nonsense video am I watching?"

In the video, there's someone portrayed as Prophet Muhammad SAW. What really makes us, the Muslim communities around the globe feel disturbed and annoyed is that, the video is insulting, spreading lies about our beloved Prophet. In Islam, portraying the image of the Prophets itself is forbidden, and now this Mr. Bacile is insulting the Prophet.

As a consequence of that "rubbish" video, the Muslims have been protested all around the world. People would go to the street, demonstrating, and condemning the rude act of Sam Bacile. The situation is more tensed in Arab countries especially in Libya where there has been an incident of attack towards the US Embassy. In Sudan, the British and German's Embassy have been under siege as the protesters gone uncontrolled.

Here, in Malaysia as well; there have been some rally to show our annoyance towards the video. Some political figure such as Tuan Guru Haji Hadi Awang, the President of Islamic Party of Malaysia also present in one of the rally. But unlike in those mentioned countries, the events went smooth without any chaotic acts. Alhamdulillah.


As a Muslim, it it our responsibility to uphold the dignity of our Prophet. And I think most of us are aware of that. But again, let us handle this situation wisely. Referring back to the incident happened in Libya, as a result of the attack, 4 embassy officials have died. This is an act of terrorism.

For me, if we want to go to the streets, main roads to have some rallies as a sign of our protests, it's acceptable. But when it comes to an act of killing people, terrorism; this isn't right. In fact, this will only cause a harm to Islam as people will only think that Islam is a religion that encourage killings in the name of Islam. And this is a FITNAH!!!

So, now let us have a look upon ourselves. Are we practicing Islam as good as what being ordered by Allah the Almighty? There's no point of going to go to a solidarity, protesting this "rubbish" video but we don't perform solah, we are still being as lazy as donkey or our akhlak is not up to the standard of a true Muslim. Our situation nowadays, is really alike what has been said by Prophet Muhammad SAW centuries ago where there are a vast number of Muslims, but we are just like bubbles in the ocean. Weak, dis-respectable and even being "feasted" by the enemies of Islam.

One of the scene in the Innocence of Muslims

As a conclusion, let us condemn this act of disrespectful, rude, insulting of Sam Bacile through his "work". Even we don't go to the rallies, but at least have some annoyance, hatred towards the video in our heart which is the least for some us to do. And one more thing, let us go back to Islam. Meaning here, be a true Muslim, practicing Muslim. Not just bearing a Muslim name, but a complete Muslim.

Thanks for reading. Adios!

*Some people may disagree with me but, I do respect another sets of thought and opinions*

*Update: Heard that Sam Bacile is not a real name. Wallahu a'alam

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