Sep 10, 2012

Smart Yet Problematic

Assalamualaikum WBT ---- Salam 1 Dunia

Alhamdulillah, it has been 2 weeks for me to be here in UIAM Main Campus of Gombak. InsyaAllah tomorrow September the 11th, I'll be transferred to Kuantan Campus as the where's the Kulliyyah of Medicine located.

Last week, together with fellow batch-mates; I was having this sort of Orientation Week or known as Ta'aruf Week (derived from Arabic word, which means to get knowing of something new). Nothing's much to be told about the Week as it is almost the same as many other Welcoming Events for the freshies in other varsities here in Malaysia. Lots, lots of talks, briefings, bored games etc. etc. etc.

Yet, there's something I would like to share here from what I've seen throughout the Week, which the ATTITUDE of our STUDENTS.

For your info, majority of the new students for this September intake are in the range of 19-20 years of age. As this is my second time of enrolling into a university for undergrads (last time I enrolled in Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic), definitely I'm a bit older than most of them (as some of the new students are 24, 25 and even 28 years old, but only a few of us).

To be honest, these 19-20 range of age students, they are a bit childish and immature in their actions. For example, they were always being noisy, playful even there was a necessity for us to be a bit serious in one particular event. Sometimes, I would be thinking, "Am I being too serious? Or am I too old to be just like them (even though I'm just 22, only a small gap of age)?"

For me, I have no problem with someone who is kind of cheerful, happy go lucky. As long as the playfulness should be limited to a certain time and occasions. It's the same as when you want to perform solah. You can be the most cheerful person in the world but it comes to prayer or solah, you should have some kind of seriousness in yourself. This is what we call DISCIPLINE, and it applies to any kind of actions we are intended to do.


Talking about attitude, we as the People of The East are taught to be respectful towards the older ones or someone with higher hierarchy than us. If we don't, it means that we are being RUDE. This things do happen during the Taaruf Week here in UIAM (at least for me). So, let me share it.

It was during the event of Seminar Kenegaraan dan 1Malaysia, which held on Saturday which was conducted by the Ketua Pengarah Biro Tatanegara (BTN) himself. For me, he's a wise man even though I didn't agree with some of things presented by him.

The RUDENESS happened when it came to the Q&A's session as it close to the end of it. The KP was answering some questions but some students were clapping their hands while he was talking. I could understand that they were trying to "tell" him that the time is up but definitely it is not a wise and mature action to be done, especially towards someone who's older than us. Just be patient for awhile as I believe that the KP himself didn't want to have the session longer than the expected duration.


So, these are some of the things that I want to share with you people. A reminder for everyone of us, even though we are smart (or we are thinking that we are SMART), let us have a look at our attitude. Whether it suits on our level of intelligence. There's no point of getting into the university, obtaining good academic results, yet our attitude is bad. Always have this MUHASABAH DIRI or SELF-REFLECTION.

Thanks for reading. Adios!


  1. I couldn't agree more with your opinion brother..no worries..ur not too serious for your age..ur just being rationalize..age nvr reflect ones maturity..keep up with ur good writing..indeed this is a brilliant food for thought!

    1. Yep, or maybe I always look things rationally. That why I was thinking that I'm being too serious. Thanks for reading,insyaAllah I'll keep writing things that I consider as useful.

  2. i got the same feeling too..
    tp aku tua 2 thn lg dr ko..
    aku rsa drg sgt manja..
    mgkn sbb tu aku ssh cari geng d cni..

    1. Tu la, aku kadang2 rasa lain ni. Haha, padahal aku tua 2 tahun ja.


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