Nov 29, 2012

Exam Fever

Assalamualaikum WBT

Salam 1 Dunia

It has been awhile for me, not writing any entry here due to my laziness and "hectic" lifestyle. And yeah, I think I should write an entry now, just to keep my blog updated.

Okay, as today is Thursday, there's only 11 days left before my end block exam for my 1st block of my 1st year medical study here in IIUM Kuantan campus. Most of you know that feeling right? Without realize, suddenly the exam is just around the corner whereby your mind's still not moving from the day of your enrollment day into the university.

A cliche' for any medical students (and of course other fields too!), lots of things to be read, tonnes of concepts to be understood and memorized. Huh! That's all I can say to myself when realizing that lots of things to be prepared before the "war". Then, it also the kick start of getting lazy to go to the class because of late night burning oil, the room is getting messier than before eventhough my room has always been messy, all the time!

Essays, short notes, PBQ, bla bla bla....argh, I'm getting stressed!

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And I'm an examo-Phobia (does this word ever exist?)

But, to think it again. Nothing can be done except just to accept it. Like it or not, we have to go through the exams. Lots of people passed through it, though some might not. But that is life. It is a challenge to us. We prepare ourselves with this and that, physically and mentally, and go to the "war".

A lecturer of us told me that nothing is easy in this life. Even after your death, there's no confirmation that you'll be resting in your grave waiting to be resurrected in the Judgement Day. It depends on your 'amal and deeds, surely, this will have a direct connection with what had been done by us during our lifetime. And problems created are to test our patient, wise fulness in tackling them according to the command, guidance of His.

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There's a verse in the Holy Quran which states that the creation of us (human) and also the Jinn only to worship Allah the Almighty (Chapter 51 Al-Dzariyat, verse 56). Worshipping Allah is not just doing the rituals like solah, fasting etc. etc. In fact, it comprises every aspects in our life, including the EXAM. Bear in mind that we have to put in our faith that we are "fighting" in this "war" for the sake of Allah and it's already considered as an 'Ibadah. Of course we are going to go to the Medical School, get the medical degree because that is compulsory in order for us to become a qualified doctor. But, again, always think that we are doing these because we want to please Allah.


Despite all the hardships, harshness of life, there'll be ease come to us after the hardships. Just like in the Surah Al-Inshirah (Chapter 94), it clearly stated surely there'll be easiness after hardships. And take the story of Prophet Adam AS and Hawa being sent from the Heaven to this world because of eating the Khuldi fruit which was forbidden by Allah. Some people might put the blame to him and Hawa for eating the fruits, causing us to be born in this world, not in the Heaven. But to think it again, Allah has destined the event so that human will be chosen to govern this world according to His Laws. Say if human governed it accordingly, Allah has promised the Heaven for them. Literally said, Allah gives chances for us to go back to the Heaven, with one condition; follow His commands.

So, it is up to us to be patient and face the challenges, exams etc etc with our hearts and souls, with the faith that Allah will see this as an 'Ibadah and allow us to be the people of the Heaven in the Hereafter. Remember, Allah is The Most Merciful.

That's all. Everyone, do pray for our success for our coming exam. Thank you.

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